Microsoft Excel® can be a powerful tool for many business applications but, sometimes, it can be painful to get started or to find the right knowledge to unlock the full potential of your data and resources. From training to prebuilt or custom workbooks, we've got you covered. Let us help you get on the right track to make something that is Built to Excel!

Full-Scope Implementation Plan

We analyze your current practices, workflow, and pain points to develop a fully personalized plan to optimize how you use Excel®.


We offer a full-range of generic and specialized, online and in-person trainings to equip your team with the tools to effectively process the data and problems that they will encounter.

Process Automation

We help you identify parts of your workflow that can be automated and develop automation tools to save you time and money.

Data Analysis

Business data is only as valuable as the insights that you get from it. We can provide business intelligence so you can do business intelligently!

Technical Presentations

Whether you need training for presenting data, help building a technical presentation, or you want us to build the whole thing for you, we do it all!

And More!

Check out recorded trainings, prebuilt workbooks and functions offered through our online store.
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Meet Our Leadership

Jared Mackey is the founder and lead consultant of Built to Excel. Jared has professional Excel® experience in predictive modeling, led data analytics for a contract project with Johnson & Johnson, taught courses for varying skill levels, and is always learning new tools and applications to make his work more effective and accessible.

Connect with Us!

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